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Jonathan Maki


I know exactly how to plan and prepare not only to get qualified and buy real property (home purchases and rental properties), but also best treatments for tax and financial purposes.

The real estate and mortgage pieces are integral parts of our business model. We are exceptionally good at helping real estate agents and brokers not only with their own personal tax situations, but also with their “self-employed” clients who would otherwise not qualify to buy. We also refer them qualified buyers. In sum: we help them personally, help their self-employed clients/prospects, and refer qualified buyers.

Ayami Maki

Ayami Maki


Ayami grew up in Tokyo, Japan. After she received her master’s degree from the University of Tokyo, she moved to the US to complete her PhD. She worked as a researcher in academia until her first child was born. Big life changes came with the first baby, more with the second.  She left academia, became a full-time mom, and then started a life as an entrepreneur with her husband.

She understands the ups and downs of small business owner’ life. She works behind the scenes in the company to serve MFI Works Inc clients.

Educated + Licensed

MFI Works, Inc. possesses knowledge, experience and certifications required to help small business owners grow their income and spend strategically. We assist them in optimizing their tax situation to make sure they save without increasing the audit risk. We help them buy a home and build wealth through real estate rentals.

Are you a small business owner?
A real estate agent?

MFI Works, Inc. is passionate about helping real estate professionals get relief from tax problems and qualify for real estate.

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