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MFI Works Helps Business Owners Buy Homes.

At MFI Works, Inc., we work with business owners that own service-based businesses and work well with consultants and real estate agents.

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We assist them by optimizing their tax situation to ensure they save without increasing the risk of an audit.  MFI Works, Inc. can help you save legally, streamline processes, and avoid problems all at the same time!

What business industries do we help? 

The good news is that our clients are not industry-specific. Although they might not all work in the same industry, they all struggle with a couple of problems like:

  • Receiving a letter from IRS or CFTB.
  • They are unsure how much they are making and how much they owe.
  • They are unable to pay their tax bill, which results in a massive bill for poor tax management — Nobody wants to write a $30,000 check to the IRS, it’s painful!
  • They are unable to qualify for real estate themselves.


Here’s what our long term client had to say about our services:

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